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Time Appears Gray

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The time I want to adjust my wake/meal time is gray, why can't I select it?


You're asking about the times in your Eating Journal that are greyed out. About 10 days ago we launched some changes and fixes to the Eating Journal section of Food Lovers Online. You'll notice that you can now choose your times in 15 minute intervals. You also have a "recipes" tab in the screen where you search for foods for your meals and snacks. Another change, which is the one you're referring to, was a feature which greys out times to prevent users from choosing them. This change was made in an effort to prevent errors to the Eating Journal that were causing some journals to be unusable. Some customers would make the mistake of entering a meal or snack during their sleep time, entering breakfast during dinner time, etc. These mistakes would make the Eating Journal completely unusable at times so we decided to safeguard it. We therefore decided to not make it possible for members to enter meals during their sleep time, not enter breakfast beyond 3 hours of waking, etc.

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