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Orange arrow How do I cancel my membership to this site?

  We’re sorry to hear that you will not be continuing with the Food Lovers Online service. We now offer the mobile app* which you can take with you everywhere and you’ll ALWAYS know whether you’re in Fat Storing or Fat Burning mode. Please reconsider your decision to continue with the online servic...
Orange arrow Why can’t I log in if I was already charged the membership fee?

  As soon as you’re charged the appropriate membership fee, your membership benefits are automatically extended. There is no delay. If you’ve already paid and you can’t access your Food Lovers Online account, please contact us immediately. You can reach us via our support team online or via phone...
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Orange arrow Why haven’t I received my activation link?

  We apologize for the delay. If you purchased or accepted the trial membership you should have received a “Membership Confirmation” email immediately after placing your order. Please check your inbox, and all other sub-folders (spam, junk, etc). You can search through your email u...
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Orange arrow What is Food Lovers Online?

  Food Lovers Online is a web-based program, complimentary to the Food Lovers Fat Loss system, which allows you to journalize all of your meals, snacks, exercise, etc. Aside from allowing you to journalize your meals, the program also provides you real time feedback on the quality of your meals and ...
Orange arrow How do I join this site?

  We offer a 14-Day Trial membership to this site. If you’re interested in joining, please visit www.myfoodlovers.com and place your order today! We look forward to having you on board!...

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