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Orange arrow Why wasn’t my meal/snack approved by the Fat Loss Plate Analyzer if I entered it according to the “How to Make a Fat Loss Plate/Snack” guidelines?

  The Fat Loss Plate Analyzer reviews the nutritional content of the meal/snack as a whole and approves or rejects it based on various factors: fat type and content, cholesterol, sodium, total carbs, total protein, fiber and total calories. Therefore, while you may have done a great job of creating ...
Orange arrow Why can’t I change my meal/snack to 7:15am?

  Food Lovers Online will only allow you to enter your meals in half hour increments. In other words a meal at 7:15am will have to be entered as 7:00am or 7:30am....
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Orange arrow Why isn't Food Lovers Online (Eating Journal) displaying like it should?

  As of 09/24/2012 we have recently updated the "Eating Journal" in the Food Lovers Online site. In order for it to display correctly some individuals might need to clear your internet "cache". Internet Explorer:Locate the "Menu Bar" near the top of your browser windowClick on "Tools" and select "Int...
Orange arrow The time I want to adjust my wake/meal time is gray, why can't I select it?

  You're asking about the times in your Eating Journal that are greyed out. About 10 days ago we launched some changes and fixes to the Eating Journal section of Food Lovers Online. You'll notice that you can now choose your times in 15 minute intervals. You also have a "recipes" tab in the sc...
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