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Orange arrow Why am I not getting a grade from “My Fat Loss Coach” if I’ve already entered meals into my Eating Journal?

  Your Fat Loss Coach will not give you a grade for today’s activity. It only gives grades for past days. Therefore, if you want to see your grade for today, you will have to wait until tomorrow. The system will wait for you to complete the required activities for the whole day....
Orange arrow How do I enter an item that is not in the food database?

  The option to enter food that is not in the database can be seen after you conduct a search for that food item. You will see the option on the lower right of the search results box....
Orange arrow The time I want to adjust my wake/meal time is gray, why can't I select it?

  You're asking about the times in your Eating Journal that are greyed out. About 10 days ago we launched some changes and fixes to the Eating Journal section of Food Lovers Online. You'll notice that you can now choose your times in 15 minute intervals. You also have a "recipes" tab in the sc...
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